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Tobias Hill

Software Developer


Stockholm, Sweden



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I am a curious guy who loves learning / building new things. Ever since the 8-bit-era I have built software and have also done some 25 years as a software consultant for various clients in various roles. During that time a bunch of hobby software projects also saw the light of day.

As a software developer I ...

  • ... am a strong proponent of minimalism (as in simplest viable solution ... always).
  • ... prefer to drive development from hypotheses close to the business. Measurable small steps.
  • ... have a strong focus on getting things done and the stamina to take it all the way from a fragment of an idea to a release or deployment.


What some people say

Tobias is one of a few developers who really add a lot of value for a company. This due to his strong technical skills combined with a very strong business focus too. To us he has been immensely valuable and appreciated.

- Håkan Reutman, CTO, 24hNetwork/Entraction


I worked together with Tobias on an online poker platform. Tobias was the team leader, always pushing the team to the next level agility-wise and making sure the team was always on track and focusing on the most important issues for the stake-holders. On a more technical level, Tobias knows everything you'll ever need to know about TDD, OO design and agile methodologies and is an excellent software developer. Highly recommended!

- Manuel Palacio, Consultant, HiQ


Working with Tobias to create was a project that took us from zero to hundreds of thousands of users and response times from several minutes to a few hundred milliseconds. Tobias made the team great with his his advanced technical skills and never-ending search for ways to optimize our efforts to create a better system. To my mind Tobias is simply one of the best software developers I have seen (and had the pleasure to work with!). I would happily work with Tobias again.

- Fredrik Espinoza, CTO, Wiky Ventures AB


Tobias entered the team early, eager to change the mindset of traditional theories and concepts. Tobias is passionate about creating business value and has developed himself and the rest of the team to always choose the most valuable solution for a problem. He puts a lot of pride into his work as a "craftsman" but remains sensitive to input. Honestly, it's been a true joy to work with Tobias and I would love to work with him again.

- Tobias Basilius, Founder,



Agile system development


Machine learning


Performance & Concurrency


DDD & modelling


Micro-services, Elasticity, Redundancy & Resilience


A rainy day in 2023


System developer

A bit frustrated over the fact that people in general do not know when the sun can help your body produce vitamin D I wrote a single purpose site to help. It will tell when the sun is at elevations during a day which makes vitamin D generation is possible. If at all.

2021 – Ongoing


System developer

Digital signing + Document generation / handling. Spring Boot, Java, Kafka, React, Javascript, Oracle DB etc.

2020 – 2021

Best Ways To

System developer

Building a Q'n'A-site on AWS for fun & learning - Best Ways to. AWS, Elastic Beanstalk, Cognito, S3, Elastic Search, Open Street Map, Mapbox, Spring Boot, Java, Javascript, UX/Design, Code, Deployment pipelines, Docker etc.

2019 – 2020


System developer

A migration project where old systems were replaced by microservices. Spring Boot, Java, Oracle DB, SAP


Tailworks AB

Research / Development

A few months were devoted to picking up on Machine Learning. Some of the result can be found in this blog on machine learning as well as in these public repos, neuralnet & mnist example.

1996 – 2018


Consultant, COO

Co-founded Citerus in 1996. Did consultancy work most of the time (see some of the assignments below). Took operational responsibility during the last 3 years which in essence boiled down to recruitment, sales and servant leadership.



System developer

By cutting a transaction heavy monolithic application into micro services elasticity, resilience and redundancy (among other things) were attained. Spring Boot, Netflix-Eureka / -Ribbon / -Hystrix / -Feign etc..


Agila Sverige


Title: Att bli klar! ("Getting done!").
The 10 min talk can be seen here.


iOS-game: Wordbrain

System developer, Designer

Built (as a hobby project) an iOS game called WordBrain. The game reached number 1 on the grossing list in the App Store (within the sub-category Word-games) in more than 100 countries. Titanium Appcelerator, Micro Services, Drop Wizard, Java, Mysql etc.




Title: Lessons learned Building an iPhone multiplayer game with a Scala CQRS backend.


Svenska Postkodlotteriet

System developer

Built an application firewall with an exploratory hypermedia rest API exposing selective parts of various backend system for third parties and web- and client-applications. Spring framework, Jersey, Concordion, Maven, SVN, Git, TeamCity etc.


iOS-game: Paintfeud

System developer, Designer

As a hobby project I built an iOS game called Paintfeud. Titanium Appcelerator, Javascript, CQRS, MongoDB, Event sourcing, Scala etc.



System developer

Rebuilt the e-commerce website of H&M. Spring framework, Hybris Suite, Mockito, JUnit4, SVN, TeamCity etc.


System developer

Built the consumers recommendation/rating website Seam, EJB3, JPA/Hibernate, Hibernate Search, Resteasy, Lucene, JSF/Facelets/Richfaces, JQuery etc.


Entraction / B2B Poker

System developer, Teamlead

Project 1: Scale-out of poker platform from single instance till distributed.
Project 2: Quality enhancing efforts. The company grew quickly and new methods were introduced to keep up quality and speed.
Project 3: Scalable poker-table clients. If the user can play on several tables simultaneously the rake per time unit increases.



System developer, Teamlead

(details on request)

SF Bio, Tre

Technical project lead

(details on request)

System developer

(details on request)

Centralbadet i Stockholm AB

System developer, Project lead

(details on request)

Tieto Enator, Stockholmsmässan

System developer

(details on request)


System developer

(details on request)

SF Bio

System developer

(details on request)


1995 – 2000

M.Sc. Information Technology

Uppsala Univeristy


Strong focus on programming & mathematics. Masters thesis conducted on KDD in Tokyo.

Courses & certifications

  • Domain Driven Design - 2006, Eric Evans
  • Fearless Change – Introducing and sustaining changes in an organization, May 2005, Linda Rising
  • An introduction to Lean Software Development, Oktober 2004, Mary Poppendieck
  • Certified Scrum Master, December 2003, Ken Schwaber
  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java™ 2 Platform, 2001
  • Programming w enterprise javabeans (SUN)
  • Introduction to Ruby on rails
  • Introduction to Spring
  • Fitnesse
  • XStream for mockdata
  • TDD
  • State is not evil
  • Security model in J2EE
  • Web Services and J2EE
  • Communicating prototypes
  • Domain modelling
  • Agile methods
  • Unified Process och UML
  • Data security


(for what it's worth)
  • Scrum, XP, Lean software development
  • DDD, design patterns, OOP, AOP
  • Java, J2EE/EJB
  • HTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Ajax
  • Groovy
  • Swing, JSP

Application servers
  • JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty, WebLogic Server, Orion application server, Oracle9iAS
  • Hybris E-commerce

Frameworks and tools
  • Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Dropwizard, Seam
  • Netflix-eureka, Netflix-ribbon, Netflix-hystrix, Netflix-feign
  • Titanium Appcelerator
  • Grails
  • Mahout
  • JPA/Hibernate
  • Resteasy
  • JMS
  • Hibernate Search, Lucene
  • JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, JMock, Dynamock, Easymock, DBUnit, Cactus
  • TestCase, Concordion
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Middlegen, Xdoclet, JunitDoclet
  • Teamcity, Hudson, Maven, Luntbuild, Ant, Ivy, JDepend
  • Subversion, Perforce, CVS, Sourcesafe
  • JSF/Facelets/Richfaces, Velocity, Freemarker, JFreeChart, Thinlet
  • iText, POI, JGroups, Mina, EHCache

(among many other things of course ... and the list could need some pruning too)


  • Machine learning
  • Programming
  • CrossFit™
  • Trail-running
  • Cooking
  • Craft beer
  • Typography
  • Photography
  • Nature & Light